The Federation of European Deer Farmers Associations (“FEDFA”) was established in 1990 and now represents the deer farming industries of 18 countries.

FEDFA promotes deer breeding by:

  1. representing the interests of European deer breeders at EU political level
  2. providing a forum for the exchange of information on deer breeding
  3. developing market standards for the products of deer breeding
  4. promoting ethical standards for deer husbandry

Major themes which FEDFA is currently following include:

  1. reducing the bureaucratic burden – practical guidelines for the national implementation of EU legislation related to deer breeding;
  2. shortening the food chain – proposals for the simplification of rules related to small producers and the supply of venison to local markets;
  3. input to proposals for the new Common Agricultural Policy (2020) insofar as it relates to deer breeding.

Membership is open to all national associations of deer breeders. “Deer breeders” includes deer farmers, as well as the managers of deer parks and estates. Although most of the national associations that are members function within the European Union (“EU”), membership is not restricted to just the EU and is open to all European national associations.

For information on how to join, see ”Contact” tab or email any member of the Presidium.